Best Lululemon Men’s Golf Pants 2023

We have tested many different Lululemon pants to see which pants are the best in which to play golf. If you are an avid golfer that likes to play more than twice a week, you want the best pants that not only feel good but perform well throughout a four or five hour round. By far and away, the best Lululemon men’s golf pants are the Commission Pant Slim. While the ABC pants are known as some of the more popular men’s pants, nothing beats the performance and feel of the Commission Pant Slim.

To determine which pants are the Commission pants all you have to do is look at the back pockets. If the back pockets are not visible other than the top of them, you are likely looking at the Commission Pants. If you can see the outline of the entire back pockets then you are looking at the ABC pants.

While both pairs of pants are Warpstreme, the Commission pants seem to be more flexible so you can get the full shoulder turn in your golf swing and not have to worry about your legs and midsection being restricted. The Commission Pant Slim feels great on the calves too as the pants were developed to huge your calves throughout the four hour golf round.

The icing on the cake is the fact that these pants will keep you cool. They are not going to be the type of golf pants that will show sweat or “swamp ass”. In fact, we tested the pants for several rounds in very humid conditions and you cannot see any sweat marks on the rear end or anywhere on the pants.

If you are looking to get off the course and go to the gym or get in a brisk evening walk, these pants are great too. While they are not the best Lululemon men’s workout pants, they are definitely pants that you could do athletic activities in and not feel uncomfortable.

What makes the Commission Pant Slim so amazing is the versatility. If you are walking off the golf course and into an important business meeting, you can wearing your Commission Pant Slim and look the part. Put on that button up shirt and a belt and most people will think you are wearing business slacks. Look for Lululemon to really start marketing and advertising the new ABC Trousers which are going to replace the Commission Pant Slim in the summer of 2023.

Without a question, the best Lululemon men’s golf pants are the Commission Slim Pant. Pick out your size and get your favorite colors and you will have these golf pants for several years.

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